Confrontation and Breakthrough, Creating a Sustainable Enterprise
In September of 1977, when Mr. CK. Tsao, MJ's Founder and Chairman, read an article titled "Automated Physical Examination Centers" in Reader's Digest, it triggered his own idea for an "automated health examination service system," which led to the creation of the MJ Group!

In order to test the feasibility of his concept, Mr. Tsao spent a year carrying a stop watch and visiting different medical centers in Taiwan to receive health examinations. He determined that a three-day examination, in fact, only required 2 to 3 hours to finish, and most of the time was wasted on waiting. He decided to seize the opportunity to develop a more efficient examination system.

Ms. SL. Yang, Executive Officer of the Kaohsiung MJ Health Screening Center, who witnessed the entire development process, states, "When we first started, we computerized the examination data." Computerization helped reduce manpower, avoid human error, and facilitated data storage and management. "However, the difficulty lied in successfully creating the 'same-day report,' which required that of all the possible diagnoses and conclusions be integrated using a computerized database. It took a lot of work!" said Ms. Yang. Nevertheless, Mr Tsao and his development team, in keeping with their motto—"Face challenges with courage and you shall always succeed"—completed the task within six months!

Afterwards, the examination process also needed to be computerized to improve efficiency. At that time, the development team traveled to Japan, a country with a thriving health examination industry, to learn about the advantages of strategies employed by various Japanese health screening centers, including computerization, space utilization, and examination capacity and speed. Mr. Tsao wondered how to complete all the tests for the maximum number of patients in a given space within four hours? With no set precedent, the team took their concepts through countless tests and modifications until finally the "MAJOR Automated Health Examination Service System" was born. This worldwide patented system is not only certified to meet ISO international quality standards and the standards of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), but also serves as the firm foundation for MJ's sustainable business! "Despite daunting challenges, we eventually overcame them. Nothing is impossible as long as we face the problem and actively work to solve it!" exclaims Mr. Tsao.

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