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Chairman's Speech -  C.K. Tsao
" We concentrate on the health interests of our dear clients and pursue a quality and healthy lifestyle for all human beings. "
Over the past 25 years, MJ has always adhered to the field of preventive medicine.  Since the first establishment of our health management center that separated health screening from medical examination in Kaohsiung, we have progressively developed over the years, culminating in the patented MJ Automated Multiphasic Health Testing and Service (AMHTS).  We are not complacent about our achievements, however, since only by breakthroughs and innovations can MJ sustain its position as the industry leader. For years to come, we pledge to continue providing the best health service to tens and millions around the world!
For more than 20 years, I have persisted in doing the right thing, cultivating the field of preventive medicine from health examination and health management to the sector of biotechnology. With the launch of our “Optimal Health Screening Package”, a functional medicine-based screening that helps prevent stage-0 lesions, MJ guarantees each of our members a healthier lifestyle through earlier detection and prevention.
“Examination, evaluation, and solution,” the three stages of MJ health management, serve to continuously improve the quality of our client’s health. We do more than just provide health checks that prevail in quality and quantity, however; we also promote 6 health management strategies: proper nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep, weight control, quitting smoking, and change of poor habits.
Looking into the future, we will always regard client interests as our top priority. Being innovative and visionary, we will continue making history in the sector of health management. We will, moreover, make tens and hundreds of people around the world live healthier and happier. They will “live long, live well and stay young” because of MJ!

                                                                                                                                                        Chairman, C. K. Tsao