MJ can help you in your pursuit of a higher quality of life and healthier lifestyle to "Live Long, Live Well and Stay Young"
MJ entered the field of preventive medicine in 1988, and since then, we have been providing automated health examination services to promote health management. Our goal is to improve quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles. Our screening, evaluation, and strategy planning services (broken down into eight phases including screening, monitoring, analyzing, evaluating, predicting, alerting, making interventions, and following-up) can provide health conscious people with the tools they need to manage health and prevent disease.
Over the past 20 years, MJ has established an international network of health management chain centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia, and the "MAJOR Automated Multiphasic Health Testing and Service (AMHTS)" has accumulated over 1.5 million data entries. We will continue to take strides towards creating a "health management platform accessible to millions" and designing the blueprints for a healthy new era!
MJ's Philosophy: Live Long, Live Well, and Stay Young
For MJ, health is not just about not getting sick or getting sick less often. MJ wants to use its diverse health management strategies to help people "live long, live well, and stay young" and live more active and meaningful lives!
MJ's Core Service: The MJ's AMHTS System
Since its launch in 1994, the MJ's AMHTS System, characterized as ""High Efficiency, High Quantity, High Quality, Low Lost"," has been providing MJ members with quality preventive health services that are safe, comfortable, independent, private, and convenient. With the humanized and highly efficient "computerized cross-scheduling function," The MJ's AMHTS System allows a subject to complete over a hundred of examinations within four hours. We are also the first in the industry to offer the "same-day report" service. MJ is indeed a worldwide pioneer in the field of health management.
MJ's Vision ─ Constructing a "Health Management Platform Accessible to ten Millions"
In order to streamline its health management business, MJ Group has integrated its four major enterprises to connect the dots of the health industry and maximize business performance. Armed with cloud computing technologies, MJ plans to construct a health management platform accessible to over ten millions people and fulfill the corporate mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and a higher quality of life.