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Traditional preventive medicine focuses on “early detection and early treatment,” aiming at locating diseases. MJ's “Optimal Health Screening Package,” however, creates a new milestone in preventive medicine. It not only seeks out diseases but also targets the sources of disease from physical dysfunctions, which helps realize its philosophy of “earlier detection and earlier prevention.”
The “Optimal Health Screening Package” sees a cause-and-effect relationship in health, with physical dysfunction as the result and imbalance as the cause. Only by locating the cause and maintaining physical fitness can one truly prevent the results and achieve good health. The GI tract is responsible for digestion and absorption. It is a human's “second brain.” Poor GI function affects absorption, making the body absorb hazardous substances rather than beneficial nutrients. This may increase the workload on the liver and kidneys, causing inflammation, metabolism dysfunction, and hormonal disorders, the three core factors for maintaining health. MJ's “Optimal Health Screening Package” assesses the causes and effects of health based on this advanced theory, providing earlier preventive solutions for its members. In addition, MJ combines Chinese medicine, cosmetic medicine, anti-aging technology, and biotechnology to boost the ultimate physical wellness of its members.
Subsidiaries and Affiliates
MJ Life Enterprises established its first operation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1986.  Since then, MJ has established 14 branch companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Haikou, Jiangyin and Kuala Lumpur. MJ has, to date, provided health management services to over a hundred thousand members.
Taiwan MJ Life Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Branches : Taipei, Zhongli, Hsinshu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung
‧MJ Health Management Consultant Co.
Hong Kong
MJ HK Health Screening Center Limited
Branches : Hong Kong, Macau
Beijing MJ Health Screening Center
Shanghai MJ Health Screening Center
Kuala lumpur
MJ Life Enterprises Sdn Bhd
Branches : Kuala lumpur, Kuching, Api